My Railworks Assets

I upload all my railway models to

Here's what there is so far: - Railworks Signal Box v3 installed at Wincanton. The animated signal box fully set up for you in a clone of the Bath-Templecombe route. Requires that the assets inMIKESSIGNALBOXWIP_V3.ZIP have already been installed before installing this route. -  Signal Lamp Indicator. Scenery asset that is intended to be placed inside Mike's Signal Box, up on the block shelf, next to the other instruments.  - Railworks Signal Box v3. This update greatly simplifies the placing of signal lever links and makes them totally reliable. It also includes signal arm indicator dials (static and animated), a table and chair, a track plan to hang over the block shelf, an animated clock (with second hand) and a coffee mug.  - Blue Police Box - GWR Siphon H Van - GWR Siphon G O33 and upgraded O11 - Siphon G O33 in British Rail blue - GWR Siphon G Milk Van (this one is obsolete ... the has an improved model)